Schottky Diode Quad Mixer Chips Supplied on Film Frame

This Skyworks family of Si Schottky diodes are configured as bridge quads intended for use in double-balanced mixers. Each bridge quad die is comprised of four Schottky junctions. There are three barrier heights available: DMF4102-099 is composed of low-barrier diodes, which can be driven with low-power local oscillator signals; DME4101-099 is composed of medium-barrier diodes, for applications in which moderate-power local oscillator signals are available; and, DMJ4103-099 is composed of highbarrier diodes for applications that require very low distortion performance and have higher local oscillator power available. These bridge quads are 100% tested, sawn and supplied on film frame in wafer quantities.


  • Designed for high-performance, double-balanced mixers
  • Three barrier heights available
  • Schottky diodes supplied 100% tested, sawn, mounted on film frame
  • Low cost
  • Available lead (Pb)-free, RoHS-compliant, and Green
Data Sheets Schottky Diode Quad Mixer Chips Supplied on Film Frame Schottky_Diode_Quad_Mixer_203306A.pdf (316 KB)
ProductName : DME4102-099
Min. VB @ 10 µA (V) : 3
Configuration : Bridge Quad
VF IF = 1 mA (mV) : 325-425
CJ VR = 0 V, F = 1 MHz (pF) : 0.15-3.0
Max. ΔVF IF = 1 mA (mV) : 10
Max. RT IF = 10 mA (Ω) : 14
Product Information:
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