Miniature High-speed Schmitt Trigger Optocoupler for Hybrid Assembly

The OLI600 has an LED and integrated high-speed detector that are mounted and coupled in a miniature custom ceramic package, which provides 1500 VDC electrical isolation between the input and output. The light from the LED is collected by the photodiode in the integrated detector. The integrated detector incorporates a Schmitt trigger, which provides hysteresis for noise immunity and pulse shaping and an open collector output. Typical propagation delay of this product is 170 ns. The common mode rejection (CMR) transient immunity is greater than 1000 V/μs at 300 VCM.

Device mounting is achieved by a standard hybrid assembly with non-conductive epoxies. Gold or aluminum wire bonding can be used to make electrical connections for maximum placement flexibility.

Note: Certain cleaning processes may be harmful to these devices. Contact us for more details.


  • Performance guaranteed over –55 °C to +125 °C ambient temperature range
  • Guaranteed minimum CMR transient immunity >1000 V/μs @ 300 VCM
  • 1500 VDC electrical isolation
  • Microprocessor-compatible drive
  • On/off threshold hysteresis
  • Fast switching: tr, tf = 10 ns typical
Data Sheets OLI600 Data Sheet OLI600_202338D.pdf (306 KB)
Application Notes Skyworks Optocouplers vs. Pulse Transformers Optocouplers_vs_Pulse_Transformers_204659A_AN.pdf (108 KB)
White Paper Optocouplers for the Hybrid industry WP_Optocouplers_for_the_Hybrid_industry.pdf (322 KB)
ProductName : OLI600
Condition : Threshold Current IF @ VCC = 15 V
IF Min. :
IF Max. : 10
Vcc Max. (V) : 18
Propagation Delay : 300ns Max.
Isolation @ VDC 1 Sec. : 1500
Package Photo :
Package Info : 6-Lead Ceramic Carrier Chip for Hybrid Assembly
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