SMV2020-000 Chip
Hyberabrupt Junction Tuning Varactor Diode Chip

Skyworks silicon hyperabrupt junction varactor diode chips are processed using established ion-implantation technology resulting in low RS wide tuning ratio devices with high Q values. These planar chips have a small outline size (12 x 12 mils nominal) and are fully passivated resulting in low leakage current and high reliability. These varactor chips are intended for assembly in hybrid integrated circuit resonators used in VCOs and analog tuned filters.

Epoxy and ceramic hermetic packaged hyperabrupt varactor diode products are available through Isolink (a wholly owned subsidiary of Skyworks Solutions, Inc.)


  • High Q for Low Loss Resonators
  • Low Leakage Current
  • High Tuning Ratio for Wideband VCOs
  • SPICE Model Parameters
  • Small Footprint Chip Design
Data Sheets SMV2019 to SMV2023: Silicon Hyperabrupt Varactor Diode Chips SMV2019_to_SMV2023_200138F.pdf (297 KB)
Application Notes Waffle Pack Chip Carrier Handling/Opening Procedure 200146A.pdf (94 KB)
Application Notes Quality/Reliability 200149C.pdf (300 KB)
Application Notes ESD Compliance Testing and Recommended Protection Circuits for GaAs Devices 200818B.pdf (114 KB)
Application Notes Varactor Diodes 200824A.pdf (112 KB)
Application Notes Diode Chips, Beam-Lead Diodes, Capacitors: Bonding Methods and Packaging Bond_Methods_and_Pkg_App_Note_200532B.pdf (358 KB)
ProductName : SMV2020-000 Chip
Die Size (mils) : 12.0±2
Vr Reverse Breakdown Voltage Ir = 10 µA (V) Min. : 22
Cj Junction Capacitance1 Vr=1 V (pF) Typ. : 2.16
Cj Junction Capacitance1 Vr=4 V (pF) Typ. : 1.24
Cj Junction Capacitance1 Vr=8 V (pF) Typ. : 0.61
Cj Junction Capacitance1 Vr=12 V (pF) Typ. : 0.38
Cj Junction Capacitance1 Vr=20 V (pF) Typ. : 0.26
Q Vr=4 V @ 50 MHz Min. : 500
Rs Series Resistance1 (Ω) Typ. : 4.1
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