Skyworks 5G - Connectivity Starts Here  

Simply put, 5G mobile networks and wireless systems are the next phase in global telecommunication standards. However, to refer to it as merely a "next phase" is truly an understatement given how wireless connectivity has expanded far beyond smartphones and WLAN routers to new and previously unimagined markets and applications. While we are still in the early stages of evolving from person-to-person communications towards device-to-device connectivity throughout the connected home, machine-to-machine, industrial and automotive markets, these new and exciting applications are bringing profound advancements in deep learning, artificial intelligence and "ambient awareness." The way we do business and interact with each other today will be virtually unrecognizable to many in 5-10 years, yet entirely ordinary to our children.

As a premier provider of RF front-end solutions, Skyworks is an expert in connectivity. We have the capability to enable this evolution by advancing our technology leadership and extending our product reach to power some of the world's most exciting communication platforms.

5G in Perspective — A Pragmatic Guide to What's Next    

Skyworks' white paper examines the current state of LTE networks, discusses ways it could evolve to deliver a 5G user experience, and identifies the tools and techniques required to support a 100x data throughput improvement. Given that much has transpired with a few generations of cellular standards, we answer the question what's next as we evolve to 5G.