Failure Analysis / Reliability
Teams and Tools to Achieve Perfect Quality Goals
  • Conduct qualification plans
    • Test vehicle specifications, required stress tests and schedules
  • Complete product qualification stress testing
  • Characterize ESD
  • Deliver continuous feedback on quality/reliability
    • Process, package, product, design and test
  • Perform reliability evaluations/experiments
    • Investigate suspected low PPM problems through accelerated stress tests
    • Conduct early feedback and reliability trials
    • Process improvements, new technologies, test screens, etc.
  • Finalize qualification reports
  • Estimate failure rates
  • Verify failures and provide failure analysis support
Skyworks Qualification Standard
Standard Product Qualification Tests
  • HTOL: 1000 hours at 125 °C case temperature
  • MSL preconditioning: moisture soak, 3X reflow
  • HAST/Autoclave/85°, 85% RH THB (post reconditioning)
  • Temperature cycling: 500 cycles, -65° to +150° (post preconditioning)
  • High-temperature storage: 1000 hours at 150° ambient
  • ESD testing: (HBM, MM, CDM)
  • Latch-up tests